What (& how)


Strategic Consulting

Understanding our client's strategy means we can advise how best to go about setting up for a rollout. Ultimately it can be best for our larger clients to manage store development in house. We usually handle the initial stages of any strategic rollout; establishing the relationships, systems and standards that make managing the rollout easier for the client’s team in the future. We’re so good at it we usually do ourselves out of work.


Brand Design & Development

Having invested squillions developing a Brand, it needs to look good, not just on paper; but more so in the built environment. We work with specialist Brand consultants to develop branded elements into well-designed, cost-effective and buildable architectural and graphic components. We make sure they meet brand integrity guidelines, they are designed cost-effectively and they stand out.


Property / Commercial / Legal Advice

Clients who seek our advice before signing a lease or an agreement usually achieve a much better result. We help balance the commercial risks by getting the planning and programming right, the Lessor / Lessee works delineation clearly defined and by protecting our clients' legal position before negotiations proceed too far. We know what to look for and we can usually save our clients unnecessary expense - and grief.


Concept Development

We work together closely with our clients to develop their concepts into tangible retail projects. We really get to know them: challenging (in a good way) their thinking and then developing a comprehensive rollout strategy to bring their project to life. We're bloody good at this stuff.


Store Design

We understand more than anyone the importance of a strong R.O.I. and we’re not chasing write-ups in design mags. So we don’t waste our clients’ time or money with unrealistic and cost prohibitive designs. We meet our clients’ briefs with a sensible approach to design; balancing functionality and aesthetics with time and cost.


3D Visualisation

CAD modelling is a powerful tool for presenting concepts to stakeholders such as franchisees, partners, staff, landlords and councils. Our 3D CAD specialists can help everyone visualise and appreciate “the dream”.



Nobody likes unexpected expenses or disputes over variations. By providing a comprehensive architectural documentation service we save our clients time, money and hassle. Detailed documentation means trade contracts can be competitively tendered and contractually bound - so our clients are assured of getting the very best value. (The option, of course, is to get your shopfitter to handle the design – but then where’s the competition in that?)


Statutory & Lessor Approvals

We deal with councils and landlords regularly; applying for planning approvals and tenancy works. We present material in the appropriate formats and speak their language to make the process faster and easier. A lot of it is simply about relationships. We also know when a planning specialist or other consultants is going to be required – and we’ll brief them too.


Construction Management

We operate as an independent consultant acting at all times in our clients’ best interests. We have no alliances with any particular suppliers or contractors.

While superintending the project and administering the trade and supply contracts on our client’s behalf; we are constantly managing activities to maintain quality standards and to minimise project duration and cost – all to the benefit of our Client.


Project Management

We are at our best when we manage the entire strategic rollout, including concept development, design, documentation, approvals and construction management. Because we provide independent advice and don’t play favourites with any contractors, our clients can be sure of getting the best quality possible within the budget and timeframe. In other words; the best value.


Equipment Procurement

Once designs for fixtures, fixings and equipment have been resolved, prototyped and documented, we will seek competitive proposals from suitable suppliers. Our processes ensure that the equipment we ultimately roll out is the best value for money (having balanced all considerations including supplier manufacturing capacity and lead times, quality, flexibility, storage and payment terms).


H.R. Recruitment Consulting

It’s not rocket science but retail store development is a pretty specialised field. When our clients are ready to build their own team to manage their rollout themselves, we are only too happy to help with job descriptions and with interviewing and short-listing candidates. We can usually throw up a few names as well. It often takes an expert to know one.